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OK... you're asking... "does he actually use more than crayons"? Obviously a bit of modern technology, but beyond that, some of the old artsy tools  . 
when needed...pencils, pens,
or markers for sketching  
or layout of a quick drawing
or banner. Maybe followed with a unique
                         paint/wash technique &   
                          a little shading using my 
                          ratty, but experienced                            old brushes! I do make a supreme effort with squares and my straight edges                         to keep 
all lines running                        as true as graphically &                            humanly possible. I can                          resort 
to my trusty carpenters tools & saws for some of the one-of-a-kind doodads.
object that stands or just hangs around
About Us
That may be a special wood or foam core 
 for a special occasion or just because!?.
Not saying that I've done it all...but, I have - built a "door to nowhere"...out of paper and wood, made banners out of cheap old butchers paper, etc. etc. All true master pieces... of which none have presented themselves in the Louvre!   
But, maybe the project I do for you can end up in the Louvre?#**!!