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"A Graphics Guy...When Your Project Needs A Little Hands-On Artistic Touch"
G R A P H I C S       W E B S I T E S
by Ken Winters

Whether you're an individual with a graphics project or the owner of a small business...or maybe, you are the small business and probably not on the stock exchange, but would still like to have a consistent image in the marketplace and access to the same business tools and professionalism as the big guys? It may start with the name you've chosen and a decent logo to carry that name and image to business cards, stationary, literature, apparel, website and the occasional exhibit or trade show you may attend.   
 How about those unique little projects that pop up from time to time! From something as simple as a sketch or technical drawing of a product or building, maybe a caricature of a family member or someone in the office, a quickie banner for a special event, a cartoon combined with a certificate or award, a frame piece of personalized art (like a favorite label) or that one-of-a-kind doodad that you didn't think anyone actually made! Even if you have your own idea for a project... some affordable assistance can make it happen! 
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